January 24-26, 2017 (Institut National d'Histoire de l'Art, Paris)


Theme 1Biological Anthropology of the African continent: from first hominids to current populations

Invited speaker: R. FOLEY, Evolutionary geography: the dynamic role of the African environment in becoming human

The purpose of this theme is to provide a complete view of the ongoing anthropological research concerning the African continent. It may concern paleoanthropology, from the oldest hominins to the Pleistocene / Holocene transition , the study of funeral behaviors or lifestyles, or all aspects of anthropology of current populations (genetic, variability, growth, diet, aging, etc.).

Theme 2: Fossils, from a shape to potential functions

Invited speaker: I. De GROOTE : One million years of humans in Britain

Behind the increasing technicality of palaeoanthropological works, we often forget that beyond the extreme quantification of fossil forms and phylogenetic questions, exploring a function (motor, cognitive, nutrition, ...), its disorders or a particular activity are often possible. This session is dedicated to these palaeoanthropological studies that (for this occasion) place a function at the heart of their questionings, to comparative works that provide with bases for functional inferences, and to studies that question the limits of such approaches.


Theme 3: Scientific breaking news

This theme will host new research from the discipline, including recent discoveries or methodological advances.





Scientific Committee

Organising Committee

  • Antoine BALZEAU
  • Gilles BERILLON
  • Philippe CHAMBON
  • Patrice COURTAUD
  • Guillaume DAVER
  • Florent DÉTROIT
  • Dominique GRIMAUD-HERVÉ
  • François MARCHAL
  • Stéphane MAZIÈRES
  • Sandrine PRAT
  • Aline THOMAS
  • Sébastien VILLOTTE
  • Philippe CHAMBON
  • Isabelle CREVECŒUR
  • Aurélie FORT
  • Pierre GUYOMARC'H
  • François MARCHAL
  • Grégory PEREIRA