The Société d'Anthropologie de Paris awards several prizes for research work in Anthropology.

In 2010, the previous prizes were abolished and replaced by two new prizes that are awarded each year. These are: 

The SAP Prize: This prize is awarded to a PhD thesis in biological anthropology defended during the year before the deadline for applications for the prize. The thesis may be written in French or in English. The prize is endowed with an amount determined each year by the SAP Board of Directors. The SAP 2024 prize, which will be awarded during the 2025 conference, will be endowed with a sum of 500 euros. Winners of the SAP Prize undertakes to publish a detailed summary of their thesis in the BMSAP journal.

The Best Poster Prize: This is an honorary award for the best poster presented during the SAP annual scientific meetings. 

To enter for the SAP Prize, candidates must apply to the Secretary General of the Society and send their submission, preferably in pdf format (alternatively in paper format). For the 2025 prize, the deadline for receiving applications is 30 November 2024. This year, theses defended between 1 December 2023 and 30 November 2024 are eligible. The results will be announced at the close of the 2025 conference. The theses are examined by the Awards Committee (see Committee members).

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